• Wild hunt in Ukraine

    Our company offers real wild hunting throughout Ukraine. We have extensive experience in organizing and conducting hunting for all types of game, from quail to red deer.

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    Wild hunt in Ukraine



We will help our customers choose the best exciting hunting tour. We accompany our clients throughout the tour from the airport to the place of hunting, we hunt and escort our guests back home with trophies obtained in Ukraine. At your service comfortable transport throughout the tour, modern weapons (if necessary), first-class food, comfortable living near the place of hunting.

We offer hunting for such types of game:

  • Quail, duck, goose, wild dove, snipe and different types of waders – August-October
  • Pheasant, partridge, woodcock – October-December
  • European roe deer – hunting for males from May to October, hunting for females and young animals from September to December
  • Wild boar – August – January
  • Red deer, sika deer, doe and mouflon – September – January
  • Beaver, fox, wolf- October- February
  • Baibak- June- September

Hunting for such a bird as a quail, pheasant, partridge and waders is carried out using hunting dogs of cops. A hunter can use his dog or our company will provide you with first-class dogs for hunting.

Hunting for duck, goose and dove is carried out using hunting lures, we provide them for hunting. When hunting for waterfowl, we have water transport.

There are several types of hunting for ungulates:

  1. Individual hunting. Usually this is one hunter, accompanied by an experienced huntsman or outfitter. Such hunts are carried out on European roe deer, deer, mouflon, wild boar. For such hunts, we provide an experienced guide, vehicles and weapons equipped with an optical sight.
  2. Collective hunting. Usually this is a team of 5 to 15 people (shooters) and 5-10 people beaters. Such hunts, as a rule, take place in October-January, when a leaf falls in the forest for good visibility.

Attention! We conduct hunting strictly for wild animals and birds. We do not carry out hunting in aviaries and hunting ranches!
The hunting tour is selected and agreed individually. You select the desired trophies and agree on a date. We are going to a hotel on the territory of the hunting estate in comfortable rooms of 1-3 local residents. The hunt takes place from 2 days, depending on the type of hunting and the desired trophy. We are engaged in the primary processing of meat and animal meat, we draw up documents for the export of hunting products. Airport transfer. We speak English. We can provide translators in German and Italian.

The hunting regions will be determined depending on the type of hunting chosen. The distance from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is different and depends on the time of year. During the coordination of the tour, you will be provided with all the details of your tour with a description of the routes and photos from the place of hunting (hotels, vehicles and trophies obtained at this place earlier).

Prices for our services

We will try to make the best price for the requested tour and send you a quote as soon as possible. Prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Weapons available for rent:

  • Beretta silver pigeon 12 GA
  • Benelli super sport 12GA
  • ATA Arms SP 12GA
  • IZ 12 12GA
  • Fabarm XLR 12GA
  • Brawning BAR 30-06 spg
  • Ata Arms 308 win mag
  • Ruger American rifle 223 rem

Cars available for rental for the duration of your tour:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 100

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